The Basis of Claim Submission

May 10, 2019

One of the most important parts of your dental practice is getting paid for the procedures you performed. If you wish to get proper payment from your payer, your claims must be carefully submitted to ensure you collect what you produce.

One of the most fundamental parts of receiving payment is documenting the procedures you have performed. To start the procedure reporting process, the company must first select the proper CDT code for the procedure. Often, the CDT will have to be accompanied with proper documentation as per the payer.

For example, narratives are submitted by the dentist to explain the necessity for a procedure. If the need arises for a narrative and it totals more than 80 characters, only the first 80 will be guaranteed to appear in Box 35 of the 2012 ADA Dental Claim Form. For narratives over 80 characters, the narrative can be attached to the claim directly.

If the need arises in the proper documentation process, images may also be attached to the claim in order to support the submitted diagnosis. Some examples of images which would be attached to a dental claim would be documents such as bitewings and photographs. To ensure proper efficiency, please make sure that that the images are of proper quality and are labeled accurately and properly refer to other documents.