The Importance of Insurance Verification

Nov 29, 2019



Verifying Dental insurance eligibility is one of the most crucial steps in the dental billing process. At Dental Billing Solutions our insurance verification service is designed to help dental practices deal with any type of dental insurance claims. Patient insurance verification plays a key role in any dental claims management process.

We are experienced in verifying coverage for all PPO, HMO/DMO, unions, and government plans .Our insurance eligibility specialists communicate with payers through their authorized online insurance portals or phone calls made directly to them. Our team will work with your staff to conduct the daily operations smoothly without affecting your operational efficiency.

5 reasons to outsource eligibility verification service

  • Reduces stress and improves the efficiency of the front office
  • Allows the practice to provide the patient with a more accurate estimate before treatment starts
  • Eliminates eligibility and benefits-related denials
  • Frees up staff to focus on other important matters
  • Improves practice revenue and productivity