The Significance of Properly Coding The ADA Form

Jul 2, 2019

The most common tool when it comes to interacting with insurances and patients is the ADA dental claim form. The ADA form is used to show off treatments and procedures rendered, reporting the labor conducted by the dentist. This is seen as the most commonplace method of submitting claims to insurance companies for reimbursement for treatment rendered. Since the ADA form is considered a legal document, there are rules and regulations which come with the form itself. With that, it is implied that the information on the form is correct and accurate as per the treatment provided. Failure to comply with assumed integrity of the form can lead to serious legal issues. Thus, it is very important to properly report the services rendered on the ADA form. For further instruction on how to fill out the form please visit the ADA website and search for the 2012 Dental Claim Form under Media and Publication.